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Grow your own Saffron spice!


Hi NordicGrowers,

It's September, or the transition to fall, and as gardeners we have to prepare for it.
This month we have a great surprise whether you have a garden or not: Saffron bulbs!

Do you mean Saffron, like the expensive spice? Yes we do! 
We have a limited offer for this month as it is the perfect time to plant them. 
Plant in September, harvest in November.
Extra good news: Saffron divides in the spring and makes more flowers each year.
Saffron grows best in well drained soil.
So if your soil is sandy, today is the time to benefit from it!
Order your Saffron bulbs
You will also find a link to a full guide from seed to plate

Gardening tips of the month

Below you can find some tips on what to do in your garden this month. There’s also the "how much mulch?" calculator at the bottom. Enjoy!

What to plant in September

Saffron. By now, you will have understood it, saffron is the hot thing to plant around mid-September. So grow your spice for Christmas.
Shrubs and trees: After you harvest your fruits, you can plant or move your shrubs of berries and other trees. They will use the winter months to settle in their new spot and be super productive in spring.
Red clover (Blod-kløver). Our favourite! 
It acts as a green fertiliser and helps you fight weeds. When dug in, they conserve nutrients and improve soil texture.
Many of you asked where to buy clover last month.
So we decided to have some in our catalogue for you!
Buy red clover seeds

What to get busy with 

"The last straw"

You should protect your ground year round, but specially when there is nothing planted on it. Once you harvested most of your crops, it is time to cover. We recommend using cover crops like red clover but you can also use straw as mulch. 

Find our calculator here on how much straw you need and how to get some relatively easily. 
How much mulch?

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What is mulch again?

Mulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil and used for a covering.

What is the difference between straw and hay?

Straw is yellow, and it is made from grain crops (like wheat) by removing the grain and chaff. Straw has no seeds, and it is used for animal bedding, mulch, or compost.  
Hay is yellow or green, and it is made from dried grasses or legumes (like alfalfa). Hay has seeds, and it is used as animal feed.
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That’s it for today. Happy gardening!

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