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Thank you for joining me and welcome to this month's edition of my Hope for Healing newsletter! I feel blessed to have you here with me. I welcome and appreciate feedback. Feel free to reach out via my website contact page or through e-mail at with comments or questions. 

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My son, John, and I were talking last year about his future and goals. He stated he wanted to return to college to complete his computer science degree. My motherly advice, after stating I wished I had a magic wand to make it all happen for him, was, "John, only YOU can make your dreams come true. I believe in you. Make it happen if that's what you want. There is always a way."

A few months later, he was accepted into the University of Colorado-Denver computer science program!

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago and he shared the spectacular news that an assistant to the philosophy department head had approached him about considering changing his major to philosophy. His professor had mentioned John to the philosophy department. This momma heart of mine overflowed with pride. Knowing all he had battled in his own PTSD journey and accomplished in a short amount of time to have it come to this point of recognition and honor.

I love it that John has always shared his writing with me, gifting me his old soul wisdom and poetically profound ponderings. He has been reading me his philosophy and English papers and I sit captivated by his ability to pull me into his stories or have me wanting to know more about whatever subject he's broaching.

I asked him if he would be willing to allow me to share some of his insights with all of you. Particularly those relating to trauma recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and triumph. He agreed. Over these next few newsletters, I will be sharing his beautiful and powerful insights. I hope something resonates with your soul and offers guidance for your own healing journey.

In peace,


On Neuroplasticity: The Strength That Can be Built in Weakness 
by John Wellbrock

           I am a man with many weaknesses, and knowing that fact and sharing it here is perhaps the best way to showcase and segue into one of my most grievous weaknesses: I am hyperaware of all my faults and shortcomings; but through extensive EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and talk therapy, I have come to understand that this same weakness could be my greatest strength if I can develop the proper mental toolkit. Now, please hear me when I say, in an absolute sense, that I cannot begin down the path of directly exampling that fact without condemning myself to a prison of misconception. What I can say is this – my grandfather was a Jesuit initiate before beginning a family, and much of how he learned to live and think during that period carried over into the time he spent with me while I was being raised. For this argument, the most notable aspect was the practice of reflection. It became a core process in my mind at an incredibly young age, to the extent that it developed into an unstoppable subliminal thought pattern. The importance here is that when we couple such a mind with the emotional outbursts and physical altercations I experienced in a broken home as a teen, I believe it can be easily understood that such a breeding ground, externally and internally, produced a young man struggling to make peace diving further into darkness in a twisted attempt to rectify wrongs through self-punishment. After living in that space for many years, I have, ever so thankfully, stepped into a space of healing, having gone to weekly therapy for close to two years now. I began with EMDR therapy, after being diagnosed with c-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder), to address the ever-present neurological pathways that connected nearly all aspects of living to a “fight or flight” survival response. As described to me by my therapist, EMDR taps into the power of neuroplasticity in the brain by accessing unprocessed memories and creating openings for new pathways to be constructed. My experience in this (enhanced by talk therapy reflection) has taught me that the hyperawareness of my mistakes and flaws can be reframed as a tool to be utilized in becoming my best self as long as I continue to stay aware of the fact that I am not my past and all of those experiences have gifted me an opportunity to learn how I do not want to live and more importantly how I can love myself for who I am becoming and who I am now.


I am very excited to share the news that I have partnered with The Shift Network in their Referral Partner Program! I'd like to take just a moment to share with you the message of The Shift Network. This message is at the core of every course, summit and program produced:

"We believe that we are one sacred family - united in our divinity and celebrating our diversity. Together, we can create heaven on earth through personal transformation and inspired action. We are all part of a wave of awakening consciousness, and we each have the power to make a real difference. Now is the time to discover and share your deepest gifts so we can evolve a peaceful, healthy and sustainable world!"

The next introduction I'd like to make is with my inspirational guest on The Healing Place Podcast, Deborah Wayne, and her FREE video event, Experience HighSpeed Healing™. 

Experience HighSpeed Healing™ for rapid release of chronic pain, depression, anxiety & more . . . 

Do you suffer from chronic physical or emotional pain? 

Perhaps you have a chronic disease that has left you depleted and depressed, and have tried everything to heal it, but nothing seems to work… at least for very long.

Or, maybe you suffer from mystery symptoms no medical specialist or diagnostic test can explain, and you’ve all but given up hope of ever feeling well again. 

Renowned healer Debora Wayne, the founder of the International Chronic Pain Institute®, has helped thousands worldwide to uncover, release, and heal the root causes of their pain or dis-ease with an energetic solution that transmits healing vibrational frequencies — and can serve as a seemingly miraculous jumpstart to transforming pain and illness and opening the door to a more vital, enjoyable life.

How is this possible? As Debora explains, everything is energy, including your pain and symptoms, which means all of it is changeable.

Even though this event occurred on Thursday, April 14, you’ll still be able to learn about and experience Debora’s proprietary approach to energy healing, which she calls HighSpeed Healing™. 

You can register here for Experience HighSpeed Healing™: Energetic Remedies for Rapid Release of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Gut Issues & More:

When you join Debora for this eye-opening event, you’ll: 

* Gain a new understanding of pain and the healing process — and learn why pain is your friend and not your enemy
* Open to the possibility of experiencing yourself as an energy field with the help of HighSpeed Healing as you enter a state of consciousness where there is no dis-ease or energy disturbance and where health and healing reside
* Discover your biofield and how it holds the key to the fastest, safest, easiest path to healing emotional and physical pain and dis-ease
* Discover the #1 reason that practically guarantees that your pain, patterns, and symptoms will never leave
* Learn that even though you may think you’re in touch with your emotions, emotional blind spots may be at the root of what’s preventing you from healing

Experiencing HighSpeed Healing with Debora can open you to an abundance of healing possibilities, including a relaxing sense of calm, the release of physical or emotional pain, and a deeper connection to Source, love, or your intuition — and provide insights into what may be holding you back from healing a current health challenge. 

During this complimentary presentation, you’ll learn to view pain and dis-ease from a new perspective. You’ll learn why we all have the ability to heal — and you’ll discover the impact that your thoughts and how you manage your emotions have on your wellbeing, energy level, and entire life!

You can RSVP for free here:


P.S. In Experience HighSpeed Healing™: Energetic Remedies for Rapid Release of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Gut Issues & More… 

… you’ll experience HighSpeed Healing, Debora Wayne’s proprietary approach to energy healing that uses beneficial vibrational frequencies to release disturbances in your biofield and open you to a state of consciousness where healing is possible.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available:

Be sure to also listen in to our inspirational conversation on The Healing Place Podcast:

I found the following on Pinterest and loved it so much I had to share with all of you! Happy journaling! 

Remember, journaling can be done with writing, art clippings, drawing, making a voice recording, whatever works for you.
Thank you for Subscribing to my YouTube Channel

As I say at the end of each podcast episode, until next time, remember, be gentle with yourself!

Teri Wellbrock - international podcast host, writer, speaker, blogger, therapy dog handler
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