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Let's see Jan sweat.
Hi Fellow Athlete,

2021 may be remembered as a year of epic battles, and it's not over yet.

With the lineup at Ironman California this weekend, how can you not be excited?

The Showdown in Sac-town: Jan vs. Lionel vs. Gustav.

And I heard Cam Wurf will be there, and he's beaten Lionel multiple times.

I'm pretty sure the consensus is that Jan will win - of course - but Gustav has surprised us before (Nice, 2019) and this is his first full Ironman.

So, we don't really know what the young Norwegian will do.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this teaser the trio put out on Instagram.

Coming Soon: Breakfast with Bob

Image: Hawaii Tribune
You may have seen - I put out an email to all of you asking if you wanted to join me on a call with Bob Babbitt next week, and the slots quickly filled up.

Still, if you have any questions you'd like me to ask him, reply to this email and I'll see what I can do.

Finally, I have my own little ukulele surprise...stay tuned.

28 Day Challenge

I recently wrote about how I somehow just natually stopped having any desire for alcohol.

I didn't think that day would ever come.

Even while training heavily in 2019, I de-stressed with a beer or two.

At that same time, subscriber Mark gave me this book to read, the 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge.

It was kind of an eye-opener to how and why anybody would want to abstain from the magical properties of fermented hops, grains, and grapes.

But check it out and see for yourself.
Affiliate link above.
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What's your Swim FTP?

A true power-based swim FTP is not quite a thing yet, but it may be soon.

I spoke with Dr. Chris Myers, author of Triathlon Training with Power, all about swimming with a power meter.

He corrected me, that technically it's a "force meter" but you get the idea.

He also explained that with the type of 3D analytics this device produces, a coach can really analyze and dissect the swimmer's stroke, even remotely.

Our conversation is below in this video where he explains it all, including where to buy the swimming power meter. (Not sponsored, no affiliate deal).
Beyond power figures, get 3D stroke analysis

What do you want?

A few days back I posted a poll in the YouTube Community section of my channel to see what subscribers wanted to hear more of:

What kinds of videos do you want more of?
  • Interviews with triathlon legends and pros
  • Nutrition
  • Epic swims, bikes, runs
  • Product reviews
  • My personal training / life
Go in and vote and I'll send the answers soon!
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Sprint Reads

 James Bell from Nutrition Triathlon just released his discussion with me where I ask him about LCHF for triathletes. Give it a like and a subscribe now!

 Now this is super cool. The Elite Rizer is like a Wahoo Climb on steroids: Not only does it move your bike up and down while you're on the trainer, but it moves left and right.

 If continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is something you're into, good news - Garmin is now going to show it on their devices with a partnership with Dexcom. Interestingly, they just market it at those with diabetes, not the wider endurance community.

 For more insight into CGM, check out the TriDoc's podcast episode on that topic here - it helped me understand why I didn't need it.

 Opinion: We Don’t Need to Make Triathlon ‘Easier’

 It's hard to believe that Jonny Brownlee has never raced a 70.3, but he'll finally make his mid-distance debut this weekend in beautiful Cascais, Portugal. Thanks for this, David.

 Need a good new trail shoe? Go Kenyan. Enda's new Koobi Fora is out and it's named after the place the first human footprints were found.

 allplants just raised £38m - they are working toward a plant-based future.

 Follow me on Strava and Instagram and I’ll follow you back.

None of the Sprint Reads links are sponsored.

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Addaday massage guns

Finally, check out my triathlon reading list 

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My goal is to deliver value to you. So, where possible, I choose the deal with the highest discount to you and lowest commission for me.

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