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Today we're taking a trip to the Amanita Athenaeum (also known as the Smallhold library). It's a special place filled with woodsy, wholesome literature and lots of fun mushroom-related-or adjacent facts. Also banana facts, activism and some farming instructions. If you can imagine a place filled with mushroom lamps, a forest floor and early aughts gnome versions of Adam + Andrew sitting in armchairs fretting over which fishing net is best kept in their go-bags for Catskill river food supplementation, you're not that far off. 
Curl up with a warm cup of lion's mane tea, a kitten named Mushroom, and find your next favorite read—both mushroom-related and not even a little bit—from a roundup of Smallhold staff favorites.

Mycelium Wassonii | Brian Blomerth
We Are Fungi | Christine Nishiyama
All That the Rain Promises and More... | David Arora
Grandpappy's Survival Guide for Hard Times (2nd edition) | Robert Wane Atkins P.E
NOMA's Guide to Fermentation | David Zilber & René Redzepi
Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California's Natural Resources | M.Kat Anderson
The Overstory | Richard Powers
Where it All Begins | The Allman Brothers Band
Eating NAFTA | Alyshia Gálvez
Finite and Infinite Games | James Carse
Filipinx | Angela Dimayuga + Ligaya Mishan
Bananas: An American History | Virginia Scott Jenkins

Also, here are a few videos + links related to the above content:

Journey (Michael E Reynolds on his Earthships) | Youtube
Mushroom Nutrition Interactive Webpage | The Mushroom Council
What The Fungus With Brian Callow | Youtube
6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World | TED
The history of Smallhold is, more than we probably even understand, shaped around the media we consume. And we want you to understand how we view the world, because ultimately the mushrooms we grow and you (hopefully) purchase from time to time are more than just an ingredient; they're a connection. If you've read some of these books (or on the work in progress list in our LIBRARY ZONE), let us know.

Also, this is pretty unrelated, but DJ Shiitake's got you covered with some salty BPMs. 

Andrew and Adam
Giant Black Truffle Goes Up For Sale Via NFT Auction | The Spoon
Bernard Planche believes that NFTs "can be used to support and even strengthen long-standing cultural traditions."

Leaf-cutter ants: The insects that are farmed by fungi | Science Focus
Fungi digest leaf. Ants digest fungi. Ant + Fungi= friends.

20 Different Types of Mushrooms To Try—And How to Use Them | Parade
Let us know which ones you try out!

Burnt-out doctors are being recruited to try 'magic' mushrooms | Insider
Psilocybin may provide relief for doctors experiencing depression and anxiety due to COVID-19 cases.

Lichens Need More than a Million Years to Adapt to Climate Change | Scientific American
Losing lichens will cause flooding in rainforests, erosion in deserts, and cause potential extinction of animal and insect species. 

Study Finds Gut Fungi Influence Neuroimmunity and Behavior | Weill Cornell Medicine
Fungi in your gut offer protection from injury and can affect social behavior.. 
How The Sims Became the Internet’s Most Exciting Place to Eat | NY Times
The Sims is now a viable space to explore and try new foods from around the world, without ever leaving your couch. 

NYC public school cafeterias going vegan on Fridays | NY Daily News
Pizza Friday has now gone plant-based.

Albertsons tapped to debut DoorDash express grocery delivery | Supermarket News
Get your groceries in 30 minutes, via DoorDash. 
Experimental Farm Network's Unique Produce Fights Climate Change | Cool Hunting
This includes lettuce grown in space ("Outredgeous Lettuce") and Purple Peacock Broccoli. 

Europe’s most valuable vertical farm startup expands in US | Morning Brew
InFarm is coming to Austin. 

John Hopkins Now Teaching “Food of the Future” Alternative Protein Course | Vegconomist
You can now learn the science between plant-based and cultivated animal products.

Kraft Heinz and NotCo to develop co-branded plant-based products |
Food Navigator
Kraft Heinz and NotCo will be taking their partnership global. 
These next few weeks, we are so excited to be popping up with some fun events in Austin and Brooklyn: Also, in NYC: get Woldy Reyes' insanely good crispy mushrooms for free with the purchase of our cookbook on Hungry House's website. Use the code SMALLHOLD at checkout and make sure to add the crispy mushroom bulaklak to your order.
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